Upcycled Pet Beds!

A stunning countdown of our top 5 quirky and awe-inspiring upcycled pet beds which should encourage you to spoil your pet upcycling style!
10. Upcycled vintage luggage case covered in comic strip decoupage that doubles up as a pet traveller. Courtesy of http://www.1800recycling.com


9. We have perhaps the quickest and easiest pet bed. Suitable for all cats and dogs, this can be made in under 10 minutes! All you need is an old jumper and a pillow. So keep your pets snug this winter and treat them or a friend’s pet to this super quick, potential pet Christmas present! As first seen on: http://www.thriftydiydiva.com and I Want To Be Recyled on tumblr.


8. It’s not all about boxes! Try your hand at reusing scraps for a cosy pet hiding place from http://www.revedecor.com

7. Not all upcycled beds need to be super quirky. They could be wonderfully luxurious like this fabulous upcycled drawer with legs from http://www.vintageinfused.com. The mini decorative cushions alone are enough for any pet to desire this!


6. With flat screens and curved screens replacing traditional TV boxes, TV cabinets can be picked up cheaply. Why not take the doors off and add a cushion and blanket for a mini pet house! Source: http://www.indulgy.com</p&gt;

5. Turn an old stool on it’s head and accessorise to suit your pet best! Take a look at these two contrasting styles…One from UpcycledStuff and one from Paws and Reflect on http://www.absolutebodo.com.


4. Fantastic two tier upcycled vintage luggage suit case pet bed in timeless colours. Need we say more?


3. Similar to one before, this upcycle suits smaller pets. A converted old fashioned TV is a fantastic way to save a big item from landfill and add a touch of vintage splendor to your home.


2. We tin you can make this fabulous upcycled bin bed. With bright spray paint and retro style legs this would make a funky modern statement to any room. Also suitable are oil cans for mini sofas! As seen on: http://www.designswan.com


1. I know we’re a nation of cat and dog lovers but what could beat this upcycled old mac computer turned fish tank! Compete with water, lights,features and oh fish! Source: http://www.inhabitat.com


And for adding those little tweaks to make it your pet’s own… Add ‘family’ photos for a true homely feel from http://www.recyclart.org


That little extra touch to match your house: Shabby chic / paint to match your colour scheme from voodoomolly.blogspot.com


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