Remade in Britain at Grand Designs live!

Remade in Britain headed to Grand Designs Live with some of our sister companies in search of meeting industry experts Max McMurdo, Kevin McCloud, George Clarke, Harry Dwyer and Charlie Waller. Little did we know what we would end up with from this experience! One of our team, Paul headed over to the other side of Grand Design Live just as the auction was taking place for the famous airplane chairs from TV show Supersized Salvage. Signed by Kevin McCloud and created by Aircraft Workshop team, Harry and Charlie, these are upcycled from an Airbus A320. Before we knew it Paul had purchased not one but TWO of these fantastic fold down chairs! Be prepared for some happy, if slightly cheesy, promo photos below…Creating the chairs…Charlie Waller, Harry Dwyer and Kevin McCloud…




Paul then wins the airplane chairs!


And gets interviewed by Kevin McCloud…Why have you bid on these chairs today?…


Before posing for a promo shot!


And another…


Oh go on then, one more…


(left to right): Charlie, Harry, Paul and Kevin

Great all set…Now we just need to work out how we are going to get them home!…hmmm…

What are your thoughts?!…Are you liking the investment from Aircraft Workshop? If you want to get yourself one of these chairs (and we can state that they are super comfy, recline AND conveniently fold up) pop on over to their Remade store where you can browse their products and contact them direct. Oh and for that extra added something, why not enquire about the rocking chair versions!

Visit Aircraft Workshops’ Store Now

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