Mastering The Next Upcycling Trend: Wallpapered Furniture

Using glorious wallpaper available online; Ellie teaches you decoupage techniques. As a sustainable and savvy guru, Off the Wall’s shop provides wallpaper by the metre, cutting out the waste – how fab!


You’ve mastered chalk paint, perfected the ‘distressed’ technique, done an upholstering masterclass, and feel pretty confident you could give Kirstie Allsopp a run for her money. So, what’s the next upcycling trick to master?


There’s a growing trend for adding pattern, colour and even texture to upcycling projects using wallpaper. Put aside those memories of cheap and nasty granny prints though; wallpaper has come a long way in the last few years. With its weight and quality today, and the plethora of stunning designs available from brilliant independent designers, wallpaper can add a quick and affordable luxe designer touch to even the most drab piece of furniture. It’s also ideal for items with surface damage; after a little filler and a good sanding, a sheet of beautiful wallpaper cab hide a multitude of sins. Even better, it’s quite literally as easy as stick on, et voila!

With a number of designer wallpapers now available to buy by the metre rather than huge rolls, we’re seeing small lengths of stand-out wallpapers become an essential part of an upcycler’s toolbox.

Fancy giving it a go? Here are our top tips for flawless results:

1) Prime well

Fill and cracks or holes with filler before giving the whole surface a good sanding. A smooth surface is the best canvas for wallpaper, and sanding it prior to application will help the adhesive to bond.

2) Measure twice, cut once

At Off the Wall we sell wallpaper by the metre because we really hate waste! So double-check all of your measurements before you start cutting to size – once it’s cut, it’s cut and there’s no going back.

3) Go easy with the adhesive

By far the most important tip I can offer, whether you use PVA or wallpaper paste, is to apply it sparingly. The main cause of dreaded bubbles appearing under the surface of wallpaper is too much adhesive. A thin, even layer without any excess is what you’re aiming for.

4) Safeguard your handiwork

Particularly if you’ve papered a surface that is used a lot or might be spilled-on (such as a coffee table surface or inside a much-used drawer), make sure you apply a layer or two of a decent wallpaper-friendly top coat. If in doubt, test it on a small off-cut of your wallpaper to make sure it’s going to give you the finish and protection you need.

Off The Wall are a wallpaper retailer with an eco-friendly difference because they sell wallpaper by the metre so you don’t have to buy and waste what you do not need. To browse Ellie’s fantastic selection of ‘no waste’ wallpaper by the metre visit Off The Wall’s shop.

For more inspiration on using wallpaper creatively, check out our Pinterest pages or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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