Meet The Team Leaders!

We have been so busy working behind the scenes updating our site and tweeting the good upcycling news! We thought it was about time you met the Remade in Britain team officially and you can finally put a face to a name!

Donna Fenn, Founder of Remade in Britain

Hi. As one of the founders of Remade in Britain, I came up with the idea as I felt there was a gap in the market. I love working for Remade and watching what once was just idea now grow and come together.


My daily jobs include organising and liaising with the PR company; customers, retailers, the press, accounts, the web development team and payment companies. I love upcycling handmade products with an eco-ethos and have fond childhood memories of watching dad salvage and do DIY.

I’m thrilled to be voted #2 BDaily’s Yorkshire Entrepreneurs of 2014

Michelle Simpson, Business Manager of Remade in Britain

Hello all. I am Business Manager, it is my job to constantly improve the site and to come up with new ideas for our customers and retailers, to promote both press and social media and handle queries from customers, retailers and our PR team and to plan! I’m famous for making lists for everything!

tweet, take photos for instagram, brief the team, attend networking events and find new retailers and suppliers! I have worked in e-commerce for almost 3 years and as a graphic designer before that; I have plenty of ideas and experience when it comes to online selling and promotion.


When I’m not working, I will be found at my sewing machine or jewellery making tools! I love to keep fit and of course upcycling furniture, clothing and accessories.

We’re so excited to bring together upcycling and vintage folk together into a community, as Britain’s only marketplace we have no intention of stopping! If you would like to showcase your repurposed products or indeed purchase a unique salvaged and sustainable visit us today! Or email us at OR join at #remadehour and hashtag your upcycle themed tweets every Wednesday at 8! We would love to hear from you.

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