Our Top 10 Upcycled Sideboard Ideas – Part One

This month we’re celebrating that classic dining room centrepiece – the sideboard!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing with you our Top 10 Upcycled Sideboard Ideas – so that you too can get inspired to create the upcycled sideboard of your dreams. Read on for this week’s top tips and stay tuned for another instalment next week!

Green in Mind Upcycled Sideboard

King of cupboards, sovereign of storage units – a good sideboard can make a beautiful centrepiece to a dining room, bedroom or living room. A sideboard is a great place to start when considering an upcycled design scheme for your house because the options are endless and the effect on your interiors is immediate. Whether you’re a DIY expert or you’re picking up a paint brush for the first time, there’s a repurposing project for all levels of ability. So read on and get inspired by our Top Ten Upcycled Sideboard Ideas!

1 – Hand-Painting

Without doubt the easiest and most rewarding upcycling design technique, there are few furniture renovation projects that don’t involve hand-painting. It’s an easy way to transform tired relics – restoring antique exteriors to their former glory or updating retro classics with modern design techniques and bold contemporary colours.

Remade retailer Sally White Designs uses subtle paint shades to restore classic country cottage style items in keeping with their vintage. The After Rain chalk paint finish on this charming Victorian Pine Dresser highlights the original wooden counter top, making a classy design feature for a rustic kitchen.
Sally White Victorian Dresser

The mismatched pastel shades on this merchant’s chest, upcycled by Remade retailer Rag and Bone Furniture, give this historic antique a totally new identity. A beautiful beguiling sideboard for a dining room or lounge, each drawer promises contemporary treasures – a fantastic place to store those esoteric odds and ends.

Upcycled Merchant's Chest

Many of our retailers provide customisable painting options so that you can ensure that unique designer piece which catches your eye will also match your interiors. This stunning chiffonier, upcycled by Over2Hills, has been lovingly renovated and painted in a grey primer which allows for a finishing coat in a Farrow & Ball colour of your choice. You could choose crisp white for a sophisticated front parlour, neon pink for a retro 90’s drawing room or pale green for a calm contemporary bedroom.

Customisable Upcycled Chiffonier

When you take on a hand-painted sideboard project it’s important to ensure you have the best tools for the job. Remade in Britain can help you here with our extensive supply of environmentally friendly paints from some of the biggest names in upcycling.

You could find paint in the colour of your dreams from Autentico’s huge range of stylish shades which can be applied to any item of furniture without extensive sanding or priming. Or you could take inspiration from the beautiful selection of finely crafted shades in the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint range. Or for total freedom, choose Max McMurdo’s Chalk Paint Powder to turn any form of paint into furniture paint!

Max McMurdo Chalk PaintAutentico Furniture Paint ShadesMiss Mustard Seed Milk Paint





Finding your favourite furniture paint is just the start – with so many painting design techniques out there it’s easy to get inspired to create a sensational sideboard that’ll last throughout the generations as a treasured family heirloom.

You could use painter’s tape for striking geometric patterns which turn a dull dresser into a stunning retro statement piece.

Bold colours and paint-tape triangles for an asymmetric abstract theme (Photo Source: brit.co.uk)
Bold colours and paint-tape triangles for a retro theme which celebrates abstract art (Photo Source: brit.co.uk)

You could make a sideboard truly one-of-a-kind by painting or stencilling a picture of your choice across the drawers. Whether you go for a simple recurring motif or choose an ambitious full sized mural, there’s unlimited scope for totally one-of-a-kind personalised furniture.

An understated contemporary sideboard painted with a wintery design inspired by nature (Photo Source: houzz.com)
A silhouetted wintery scene for an understated contemporary sideboard (Photo Source: houzz.com)

You could even let your sideboard set the tone for the rest of the room and co-ordinate walls, floors and furniture to match!

Retro hand-painted sideboard complementing cubist style floor paint (Photo Source: Pinterest)
Retro hand-painted sideboard complementing cubist style floor paint (Photo Source: Pinterest)

2 – Fusion Furniture

For a more difficult upcycled sideboard project, why not brush off those carpentry skills and design a fusion sideboard from two or more separate pieces of furniture? Combine a dresser with a desk cabinet, a cabinet with a coffee table, a  or even an ottoman with an armchair to create totally individual multi-functional sideboards with one-of-a-kind quirky shapes.

Superstar upcycling team Green in Mind have pioneered their fusion furniture technique to produce some truly unique upcycled sideboards that we’re so proud to sell at Remade in Britain. Green in Mind will be joining us at The Great Home Hack in London this March – so if you’re inspired by their designs buy a ticket today and join Green in Mind for an unforgettable upcycling workshop!.

For this groovy piece, the Green in Mind team fused together two drawer units to create a five drawer sideboard that’s cute, quirky and totally one-of-a-kind. Perfect for a retro bedroom – or a great talking piece for a bright and bold front room.

Retro Yellow Fusion Sideboard

The more muted tones of this innovative fused coffee table and chest of drawers draws your attention to its unique shape. There’s something Dali-esque about the mismatched handles and the asymmetric design. Green in Mind will paint this piece in your choice of colours – so you can blend its kooky charms into a pre-existing design scheme or make it a surreal statement piece for the head of the room.

Asymmetric Upcycled Fusion Sideboard

Fusing furniture to create unique items is a great way to make uninteresting single items into stylish hybrids. Have a go today and combine that charmless chest of drawers and that battered bedside table into a show-stealing sideboard that will bring character and class to your interiors!

3 – Wallpaper Covered

Re-upholstering a vintage antique with rare wallpaper is a great way to bring colour and style to a tired sideboard. With an unlimited supply of fantastic wallpapers out there, the possibilities are endless – whether you go for the full wallpaper make-over or you just want to line the drawers for a funky pop of colour.

Remade Retailer Lick of Paint have brought their skills to this elegant antique sideboard with gorgeous flock wallpaper which combines the innovation of modern design with the sophistication of Victorian aesthetics. A perfect piece to revive a 19th century drawing room.

Upcycled Wallpaper Sideboard

Going for a totally different look are Cheshire Bespoke Interiors with their upcycled pop art side cabinet. This statement piece has been covered in retro wallpaper to evoke the cheeky glamour of 1950’s pop art. A simple yet sexy addition to a modern dining room or bedroom.

Lips Retro Upcycled Wallpaper Sideboard

With wallpaper available to suit interiors both contemporary and traditional, the possibilities really are endless.

You could embrace the past with vintage floral wallpaper for a country cottage style bedroom…

Re-purpose that vintage wallpaper into a country-cottage style chest of drawers (Photo Source: blogdeapuntes2010.blogspot.co.uk)
Re-purpose that vintage wallpaper into a traditional chest of drawers with a country cottage theme (Photo Source: blogdeapuntes2010.blogspot.co.uk)

… or go totally contemporary with up-to-date wallpaper in the latest shades.

A modern wallpaper makeover with cut-out motifs that highlight the original wood (Source: houzz.co.uk)
Cut-out motifs in contemporary wallpaper highlight the original wood (Source: houzz.co.uk)

You could even use the same wallpaper which covers your walls for a mesmerisingly co-ordinated look!

Creative camouflage: matching wallpaper for an immersive interior design experience (Photo Source: disfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.co.uk)
Creative camouflage: matching wallpaper for immersive interior designs (Photo Source: disfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.co.uk)

Inspired? Tune in next week for 3 more fabulous upcycling ideas that will transform that sleepy sideboard into a sustainably stylish masterpiece!

2 thoughts on “Our Top 10 Upcycled Sideboard Ideas – Part One

  1. guy, thanks for an awesome article! I enjoyed reading it. My most favorite chapter is about the
    Fusion Furniture, and the item that absolutely won my heart is the fused coffee table and chest of drawers.
    Looking forward to read the next article!


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