Upcycling Pallets

Wooden pallets are one of the most inexpensive and readily available upcycle materials nationwide, and believe it or not, they really can be recycled and reclaimed to transform your interiors! Inspired by our wonderful retailer Pure Pallets and our Pinterest board, here’s a few ideas of how you can rescue perfectly good quality wood from landfill and create fabulous eco-friendly accessories for your home.

We start off with our talented retailer Purepallets, who repurpose pallets to create wonderful sustainable homewares. Have a look at this great little wine rack, available in various sizes catering for all wine collections! It has a great hanging rack allowing easy access to wine and glasses in case of emergency…


One of Purepallets most popular items on remadeinbritain.com are these recycled tea light blocks, available in varying inspirational quotes and words these are a staple for every home!


The upcycled mirror created from (yes you guessed it) reclaimed wooden pallets is another hit here at Remade in Britain! The wood is treated and sanded by hand, to produce a beautiful soft finish, this is a great statement piece for your home!


Another recycled pallet favourite on our site has to be from For the Love of Old and their fantastic Rustic Bunk Bed House! Who wouldn’t be able to resist this beauty, an absolute haven for a children’s play den, imaginations will run wild!


From reclaimed wooden flooring to building structures, there is no limit, have a look at a few inspirations from our Pinterest boards!

Likethis impressive café in Australia! Creating foldable structures within the building, its ever changing, this is a green and sustainable building and a real work of art! Found on www.figureground.com.au


Why not deconstruct a pallet, and create salvaged flooring? Spruced up with a spot of sanding, paint and varnish this is an affordable and sustainable solution for your flooring woes!


Look at this thrifty wardrobe, using cuts of the recycled wood this make an effective pattern, why not go bigger and create yourself a shed, man cave or upcycle workshop!


We adore this retro looking pallet chair! Really simplistic, and fantastic looking wood. Just don’t forget the essential sanding, or there could be a few splinters. Ouch!


Finally, a place to put your upcycling tools! Ideal organisation for a busy workshop all created from reclaimed wood. An upcyclers paradise! This little gem was found at americanwoodworker.com


As you’re probably aware recycling and reusing is high on our agenda at Remade, with our mantra ‘One man’s waste is another man’s treasure’ we are campaigning for a greener and eco-friendly future. By finding new uses for waste products not only are you saving the planet and reducing the amount of materials thrown into landfill, you can create unique, beautiful and quirky items for your home!

Why not give yourself an upcycled pallet challenge and tweet us the results at #remadehour every Wednesday at 8pm!


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