An Upcycling Workshop with Max McMurdo

The Great Home Hack: Upcycle With Max

We’re looking back at the Great Home Hack, the UK’s first funfilled upcycling weekend, here at Remade in Britain as we’re still reminiscing about the fun we had with Britain’s fellow upcyclers! During the weekend event, I was lucky enough to attend an upcycling master class, hosted by champion of upcycling and star of the tele screen Max McMurdo himself! Armed with lots of upcycling enthusiasm (and very limited carpentry skills) I embarked on my first upcycling workshop, eager to see one of the nations most talented upcyclers in action!

Making a Wine & Cheese Serving Tray

Max began by explaining what we were going to be creating; a wine serving bridge. This eco-friendly piece of serving ware, designed by Max and his team, is perfect for serving cheese and charcuterie and even holds your wine glasses. All the cool kids want one, so I’ve heard!

It was great to hear the thought process behind Max’s design and all about how he’s learnt to keep design features simple. Simplicity can be the key to fantastic design!

Before we could get to work on creating a serving bridge of our own, we were all given a rough piece of salvaged wood to upcycle along with sand paper, goggles, a tape measure, safety mask and a saw. There were a few anxious looks exchanged between the workshop attendees!


After some instruction and positive words of encouragement, we were left to saw, sand and oil our wood to upcycled perfection. In the very capable hands of Max and his glamorous assistants, we were all confident we would go home with a repurposed masterpiece!

First up, we drew on the measurements for our wine glass holders, which Max’s lovely assistant Kim then drilled for us – best to leave those bits to the experts! Then we got down to sanding. I always imagine this to be a long and laborious process, but it was great to see such quick results. Under half an hour of grafting and our reclaimed wood was looking much more presentable!

Then it was time for the really fun bit! We needed to cut off one end of our wine bridge at an angle, using a jig Max had made earlier from reclaimed wood. Despite our best efforts, most of us amateur upcyclers required Max’s help with this part of the process, maybe that had something to do with the free wine we’d been consuming… Unlike Max, who restrained from indulging in this luxury! Thank you Max for all your help!

After a little more sanding, and using olive oil to give our wood a lovely natural finish, our upcycled products were complete!

It was lovely to meet so many upcycling enthusiasts and learn together, I think I speak on behalf of all the workshop attendees when I say it was an absolutely fantastic experience! You can’t fail to be inspired by Max’s upcycling hints and tips. I was chuffed to take away my very own upcycled, sustainable serving bridge to treasure and reuse time and time again. I can’t wait to wow my friends by serving cheese and wine from my handmade serving bridge and tell them all about its upcycling story – I’m sure they’ll all be rushing out to try and get their hands on one!


Upcycling Masterclass Success!

I’m not the only one to rave about Max’s masterclass. These twitter users really enjoyed the upcycling lesson from pro upcycler @maxreestore, and Great British Sewing Bee contestant Tamara Melvin couldn’t wait to put her serving bridge to good use when she got home!


I hope you enjoyed reading all about my upcycling master class with Max McMurdo! There’s more to come about our upcycling adventures at The Great Home Hack. Keep your eyes open for blog posts about wonderful workshops from Green in Mind and Annika N, coming soon! Read more about our trip to the Great Home Hack and the fantastic upcycled products we showcased in last weeks blog post.

Take a look at Max’s full range of fantastic upcycled products in his Remade in Britain store.


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