Guest Blogging For Remade in Britain

Here at the Remade office, writing blogs is one of our favourite jobs. We love interviewing retailers, getting you inspired with cutting edge hints and tips and providing you with the latest news from the upcycling universe.

But we want to hear from the rest of our community! We know that whether you’re a superstar designer, a busy retailer, a vintage connoisseur or a newcomer to the upcycling universe, you’ve got a unique perspective and loads to share. We want your hints, tips and tutorials; your anecdotes, stories and experiences; your reviews, reflections and ruminations on the world of upcycling and vintage!

Guest-blogging gives you the opportunity to share your ideas with the rest of the community. It’s a great way to promote your products, share your stories and get others inspired with the upcycling ethos!

We know you’re a creative bunch, and you’re bound to have hundreds of ideas for unique upcycling blog topics. In the reloved community, we know that inspiration doesn’t always come pre-packaged. There’s so much to talk about – go on, surprise us! But just in case you’re struggling for a topic, here are a few of our favourite ideas for a blog post:

1 – Interviews

If you’ve been keeping up-to-date with the Remade in Britain blog you’ll have enjoyed recent interviews with top retailers Pure PalletsDies, Das und Jenes and Hatastic!.

   Dies Das und Jenes Interview   Hatastic Upcycled Hats InterviewPure Pallets Interview

An interview is a great way to share your story with your customers. It’s a focussed platform to talk about your products, your process, your workspace and anything else that inspires you! Customers love to hear the voice behind the brand, and you might just inspire someone else to become an upcycling entrepreneur.

There are so many ways to set up an interview blog. How to do it? You could design the interview yourself, writing both questions and answers. Alternatively we could give you an interview form to fill in, or we could conduct a spoken interview remotely. And of course, we always love meeting our retailers face to face! Feel free to chat with us about how you’d like to set up an interview – there are so many options.

2 – A Day in the Life of a Retailer

Sharing a diary of a day in your life as a retailer is an easy and fun way to give an insight into the world of upcycling design. We like to imagine that our retailers craft their beautiful designs in a temple of creative calm, far apart from the busy world of industry and routine … but we know that in reality all our retailers are working hard to juggle family, home and work commitments around their upcycling projects.

Writing a day in the life of a retailer not only allows you to share practical advice – about everything from paint techniques to salvage hunting – but also provides an inspiring insight into the hard work and dedication put into every product. Your customers will know just how closely you work with all the materials, and might even be inspired to find a place for upcycling design in their own daily schedules. Re-purposed and revived creations are all about personality – so the more we know about you the closer we’ll feel to your products.

3 – Favourite Products

Do you have a favourite product featured on our site? A blog linking into the product page is an excellent way to promote your products and get your customers really excited about your creative process. You can share the history of the reclaimed materials, tell us how you found the constituent parts and what inspired the design, and suggest uses for the product – perhaps it would be a great gift for a young child, or maybe it would look perfect in a shabby-chic design scheme?

Wouldn’t you like to know the stories behind these one-of-a-kind products?

Bicycle Chain Upcycled ClockUpcycled Silk Ties SkirtUpcycled Aeroplane Wing Desk   

What gave top retailer Velo-Culture the inspiration to make these bike chain rings into a clock? How would Lydia Swann Designs accessorise this beautiful skirt thrifted from silk ties? And what’s the story behind the aeroplane wings crafted into desks at Max McMurdo’s Reestore?

4 – Top Tips

Why not use a guest blog spot to spread a little upcycling wisdom with some top crafting tips? Budding upcyclers love learning the tricks and cheats which can revitalise an everyday object or put the classy finishing touch to a repurposed masterpiece. You don’t need to give away all your secrets – but we know that one of the most inspiring things about the upcycling community is how willing everyone is to share hints and tips.

You could tell us your top ten upcycling tips for a certain product or theme. How about your top ten tips for using chalk paint? Or your top ten ways to upcycle furniture for an art deco theme? Or you could make a blog going into detail about one special tip. Are you an embroiderer with a favourite stitch? A furniture renovator with a unique technique for reupholstering antiques? You name it, we want to hear about it! You never know who you’ll inspire.

5 – Tutorials

Take hints and tips a step further by sharing an upcycling tutorial with the Remade community. You could take us through a project as minor or as major as you like. You could teach us how to craft an entire product – maybe show us how to make a plastic bottle into jewellery, how to revive a vintage chair with chalk paint or how to make a quilt with reclaimed fabrics. Or you could give us a step-by-step guide to an upcycling process we could use for our own projects. Why not teach us how to decoupage, how to recycle scaffold boards or how to reupholster with vintage linens?

If you tuned in to our blog last week you will have enjoyed the upcycled clutch bag tutorial given by Dies, Das und Jenes.

Stitching Upcycled Clutch Bag Tutorial    Pattern Upcycled Bag Tutorial  Upcycled Clutch Bag Tutorial

Nicole used an engaging mix of pictures, patterns and diagrams to teach us how to upcycle crisp packets and snack wrappers into a classy clutch bag! It’s a great way to show off the skill and innovation involved in creating handcrafted products whilst inspiring others in the upcycling community to try their hands at a new project.

6 – Events

Is there an exciting event coming up in the upcycling calendar that you want us all to know about? Spread the word with a Remade guest blog! Maybe it’s an event we know about already but you want to share more information about your role there. You could tell us all about the event, show us when and where it is and who’ll be there. If you’re there selling products you could give us a sneaky peek of the featured Remade products making an appearance.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. We’re always excited to hear about vintage fairs, craft workshops and upcycling festivals – but there are so many other events which could provide inspiration to a local upcycler! Maybe there’s an exhibition of retro furniture at a museum near you, a sustainable fashion show perfect for reloved clothing enthusiasts, or a hippie market that promises all sorts of unusual finds. Our community is all about spreading the word and sharing inspiration.

7 – Reclaimed Materials

For a really quirky guest blog, why not tell the world about your favourite reclaimed material? We’re frequently delighted by the imagination and ingenuity with which our designers repurpose ordinary household or industrial items – so why not dedicate a blog to your favourite reusable items?

Whether your repurposing materials of choice are industrial pallets, reclaimed scaffold boards or second hand books why not take half an hour to tell us all about the history of these items and the journey they make to become upcycled creations? Whether you want to tell us “The History of Vintage Buttons” or “101 Ways to Upcycle VHS Cassettes”, we’ll be all ears!

Jack Daniels Upcycled ClockUpcycled Coffee Bean Sack Cushion    Upcycled Jar Chandelier

Glass Bottles, Coffee Sacks and Jam Jars – excellent blog topics for Remade retailers Totes Adore, Nuvarti and The Recover Team! 

8 – Event Reports

Don’t just disappear into the sunset at the end of a great upcycling event – tell us what went on! A guest blog spot at Remade is a great place to reflect on the highlights of the upcycling calendar, to ensure that unforgettable events get the recognition they deserve!

You could give us a run down of the workshops, stalls and upcyclers present; tell us about your most popular products and share any suggestions for similar events. Or go for a more personal approach and tell us about the upcyclers who inspired you most, and any interesting conversations you had with budding upcyclers and customers.

9 – Wax Lyrical

We know that upcycling is more than a job or a hobby for our talented retailers. It’s an ethos, a way of life, tying deep into principles of sustainability, thrift and self-expression. If you like playing with words and thinking deep about what you do, we’d love you to share your thoughts about what upcycling means to you – why you think it’s special and so important for our society.

You could even tell us a bit about the history of upcycling, or delve into your library to find formative upcycling allies from past centuries. Did a famous artist paint his masterpieces in recycled paints? Were some of our literary classics drafted on repurposed paper? (JK Rowling wrote her initial plan for the Harry Potter series on a napkin…) Is there a Shakespeare poem out there about the delights of reusing household objects? If so, we want to hear about it! Or perhaps you could introduce us to some more modern upcycling icons… here are a few of ours!

Upcycling Clangers Space WasteAudrey Hepburn Upcycled Bath SofaWallace and Gromit Upcycling Inventors

Unlikely Upcycling Icons: Oliver Postgate’s Clangers were original salvage hunters – collecting and repurposing the rubbish of the universe in the 1960s TV show (Photo Source: The Guardian); Audrey Hepburn’s famous bath sofa in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s was the inspiration for Max McMurdo’s iconic creation (Photo Source: Pinterest); Nick Park’s famous plasticine duo Wallace & Gromit regularly make use of household objects for their ingenious inventions (Photo Source: The happy ending of A Grand Day Out shows a lonely moon machine finding a new lease of life by upcycling scrap metal into skis.

10 – Tell us a story

At the end of the day, this is what upcycling is all about! Your products tell stories, they have histories – and so do you! We’d love to hear about your upcycling journey: what first inspired you, who your upcycling heroes are and how your first creations were born. Alternatively, you could tell the story of a formative upcycler – maybe your Grandmother was making clothes out of reclaimed fabrics before upcycling was even a word!

If you’ve got a tale to tell that’ll get the upcycling universe inspired, we want to hear it. Get creative, think outside the box and bring your stories to the Remade world with a wonderful guest blog!

Yellow Upcycled Notebook    Orange Upcycled Notebook             Black Upcycled Notebook

Upcycled Writing: These beautiful notebooks crafted from natural reclaimed materials by Recycling Peasant would be great places to draft an upcycling guest blog!

If you’re interested in submitting a guest blog simply contact our friendly team today, send along your content and we’ll be happy to upload it. All blogs submitted will be checked to make sure they do not contain offensive material or any other content which contravenes the principles and interests of Remade in Britain. You may not use guest blogs to advertise products on competing sites. For more information about any restrictions on submitted content please read our terms and conditions or chat with our friendly team today.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your pen, get tapping on your typewriter and send us a cracking guest blog today!

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