Remade Retailer Interview: Mark Haig of Gizmobots

Upcycler Mark Haig Discusses His Upcycled Robots

Meet Mark Haig, one of our newest retailers, a specialist in robot making, but not any robots, the Gizmobot kind! With a wild imagination and true passion for upcycling, mending and fixing, this is a guest blog you really don’t want to miss! Mark’s Remade in Britain store Gizmobots is quite a treat, each upcycled bot has a fascinating background story and feeding instructions too, this is upcycling meets the Gremlins. So take a peek at Mark’s fascinating story…

Gizmobots Founder: A Quick Bio

Hi there. My name’s Mark and 40 odd years ago I used to sit in front of my parents’ electric fire making robots and spaceships out of cogs, wheels and bits of wood that my dad bought back from his job as a clock repairer. With my dad being in a wheelchair meant that I could fix a Morris Minor as soon as I could walk! My love of recycling, re purposing objects and fixing things was given even more fuel with my favourite uncle getting a job as a bin man. He also used to bring me back odd bits of stuff to take apart and make into new creations, teaching me how they worked along the way.

Upcycled Art: Metal Sculpture

Fast forward to the present day and here I am making Gizmobots….

   Meet Smurf Tickler who likes to be fed on chips, pizza and meat. Under no circumstances should you give him salad as it’ll make his Snubbledoffer implode!

   It’s Tarty Fartbottom! A cocoa and Marmite powered ‘bot who loves to go rock climbing with his friend Beryl. 

 Snotty Pot Bot enjoys reading, uni-cycling and eating ice cream and she played table tennis for Grimsby until she was kicked out for eating the ping pong balls.

   Meet Irwin the Robot, a music playing bot that has an in-built radio or can play any music from a source with a headphone socket!  He’s so handsome that he won the ‘Best Looking Robot With Three Teeth’ award at the ChunkyHunks competition in Whistable. 

Creating Robots From Found Objects

Gizmobots are found object robots that start life as finds from skips, second hand shops, car boot sales and scrap yards. Each robot is carefully crafted by me so that all the parts come together to create a very desirable quirky robot, each with their own personality. As a qualified electronics engineer, I sometimes re-appropriate old electronic equipment to give some of the robots I make a purpose, such as being an i-Pod dock, a desk light or a working radio. As a film maker, the robots I create that have working screens within the sculpture have bespoke animations/films created for them.

I am a film maker and a natural storyteller – I’ve been a teacher for 20 years which allows me to write funny, quirky stories for each of my robots, which I’m happy to customise -on receipt of some details about the ‘bots new owner – providing a truly unique gift!

Upcycling with Heaps of Personality

Mark has no end of talent, not only a Gizmobot creator, upcycler and inventor… also a filmmaker, animator, theatre projection designer, photographer and a teacher too! With an impressive list of clients to match, … Apple, Tate Galleries, The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and Tate Modern to name a few, we certainly are chuffed to have Gizmobots on board! You can check out the Gizmobot’s store right here, or if you would love to adopt your very own Gizmobot created especially for you,  get in touch to


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