Ekocycle: Part of an Eco Fashion Revolution

Smart Designer Clothes Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

As you know at Remade we are striving to make Britain green, we love to keep you updated with the latest news from the recycling world. And boy do we have a cracking update for you!

You may know will.i.am for his musical talents, a regular star on Saturday night TV, a tech wiz and inventor… but did you know Will.i.am is now a figurehead and guru for recycling? No? Well read on, recycling just got better! will.i.am and Coco-Cola have joined forces to launch a recycling revolution, Ekocycle. This is a new initiative to spread the importance of recycling, regenerating waste into innovative products. Shocked by the mountains of rubbish abandoned at music concerts left on the floor and seats, yards away from recycling bins. Will decided it was time for change and we love it!

 will.i.am fronts the recycling business Ekocycle, you can read all about the business, it’s asprirations and influences at http://www.ekocycle.com. You can buy the above item from www.harrods.com/brand/Ekocycle

Ekocycle: Fabulous Upcycled Designer Clothing from Will.I.Am

Through Ekocycle; will.i.am is striving to promote the importance of recycling and educating how this can impact the environment, it is vital that we approach global issues and each take responsibility to solve it. It’s about seeing the beauty and the potential in items that are considered disposable, to quote will directly ‘Waste is only waste, if we waste it.’ By presenting onstage at the Global Citizen Festival, will.i.am aims to preach the importance of recycling to the crowd. With the event teams providing top notch recycling stations this is a great way for the crowd to not only take responsibility for their own waste, but to understand that items such as plastic bottles have a greater potential than what is initially perceived.

Ekocycle have created an exclusive range to the truly British store; Harrods. From trendy tuxedos, to luxury scarves all created from recycled plastic, it certainly shows that recycling has hit an exciting era of designer status.  It shows that taking care of the planet is not only a pressing, increasing and important issue to tackle, but we can all tackle environmental issues in style!


Ekocycle products like this eco tuxedo jacket are available to buy online at Harrods. They are all created from recycled plastic bottles which we think is some impressive stuff!   www.harrods.com/brand/Ekocycle

Eco Fashion: Clothing from Recycled Plastic

Plastic is the most used material of the modern day, from food packaging to motor parts there will be a point in the day where everyone will have contact with plastic. But did you know that plastic bottle can take up to 100 years to degrade, the bottle top an astounding 400 years to degrade? 6218 million plastic bottles are disposed of in just one year, with just 24% of this being recycled. That is an overwhelming amount of plastic filling our landfill, a material with so much potential this really is a wasted opportunity. Innovative techniques and facilities mean that plastic has the potential to be reborn into textiles, faux silk and leather. We really can all revolutionise the way products are made. Simultaneously saving our planet too!

A personal favourite amongst the range is this pair of smart eco shoes, again available at www.harrods.com/brand/Ekocycle

It’s time we took charge of our waste and question where we want perfectly good materials to end up; on landfill or part of a new exciting product?

Read more about Ekocycle at at www.ekocycle.com


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