Remade Retailer Interview: The Recover Team

Remade Meets Upcycling Charity, The Recover Team

In this week’s guest blog we meet The Recover Team, a registered charity filled with talented volunteers! We are so proud to have the Recover Team as a retailer on our site, the fantastic work they do is so inspiring and the upcycled furniture they create are simply outstanding. You can check out their store here, a FREE DELIVERY offer is valid on any Recover piece when you shop at Remade.

Painted Retro Wooden Chest of Drawers


DIY Upcycle Furniture Demo Video

Wouldn’t it be great if we could up-cycle a sideboard in less than 6 minutes!

Take a look at the time-lapse video we’ve put together and see what 2 days work looks like reduced to that amount of time. In the vlog, team members from our community focused Social Enterprise, Holly, Glenn and Hannah, up-cycle a very tired looking Teak veneer sideboard into a desirable one-off piece of MCM furniture. Even the video itself was filmed, produced and edited by one of the team, Jon.



Upcycling Furniture and Lives: About The Recover Team

At its heart Recover is all about supporting team members to be the best that they can be – not for nothing is our motto “Up-cycling Furniture & Lives”. We give volunteers opportunities to learn new skills, hone existing ones, develop self esteem, confidence & pathways into employment. Team members each bring their own strengths & areas of expertise into our artisan workshop, where creativity is encouraged, supported and evident in the one-of-a-kind items crafted here.

Behind The Scenes at the Upcycling Workshop

What the vlog can’t show is the atmosphere here at our workshop; there is always a great buzz. You never know what the next donations of unwanted furniture will be, what fabrics will be gratefully received, and what subsequent creative breakthroughs will happen.

It really is a wonderful working environment and visitors are a welcomed, regular occurrence. So if you can visit us, please do! We are open to visitors Monday to Friday 10.00-4.00. You’ll see the team at work in both areas of the workshop (painting and upholstery) and get a chance to look around the showroom. Oh, and the kettle is always on!

The Recover Team at Remade in Britain

We would like to say a great big thanks to Recover Team for a fantastic blog, and time lapse video, its so good to see upcycling in action! Don’t forget to check out the Recover Team’s Remade store, updated weekly with fantastic upcycled furniture it really is a great treat!



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