1970’s Interior Style Guide

Retro 70’s Home: Tips for Creating that Seventies Style

It’s no surprise that the Remade Team love all things retro, but there’s one decade that’s got us all talking recently. You only have to look to the catwalks to see those ‘70s fashions making a second appearance; funky flairs, little suede numbers and handmade crochet garments are all finding their way back into our wardrobes. No longer dubbed the ‘decade that taste forgot’, the 1970s are well and truly back, and we think they might be here to stay!

Here at Remade in Britain we are embracing the decade of glitter balls and kaleidoscope florals, so we thought we’d bring you our guide to creating retro glam Seventies interiors. It’s definitely time to invest in some key 70’s pieces to bring your home bang on trend – luckily, our fab Retailers have a wonderful range of retro offerings to choose from.

 Photo Source: retrorenovation.com

Bring Nature Indoors

The 1970’s was all about creating bohemian jungle vibes inside your home. If there’s one element of Seventies interior style that you need to recreate right now, it’s this one. Try your hand at keeping succulents in your home with macrame hanging planters – no Seventies hallway was complete without one! If you’re feeling crafty, there’s some great tutorials out there for creating vintage inspired macrame hanging planters. This traditional craft is timeless and incredibly affordable, so a great way to bring vintage vibes into your home. In the spirit of make do and mend, why not try this tutorial using an old t-shirt or any unwanted fabric; upcycling Seventies style!

 Photo Source: blog.modcloth.com

Alternatively, create that back-to-nature feel in your home with this 1970’s indoor planter, available from Remade Retailer Goldbird. With detachable Dansette legs, this trough planter is a unique piece of Seventies decor perfect for adding an eco influence into your retro home. The indoor garden rooms of the Seventies may have been a little overwhelming, but it’s easy to bring a hint of hippie vibes into your home with a great retro piece like this. See Goldbird’s full range of vintage homewares and curiosities in their Remade online store.

 Photo source: http://www.remadeinbritain.com/vintage-1970s-indoor-planter-trough-with-dansette-detachable-legs-mid-century.html

Bold Patterns, Bright Colours and Orange Galore

Although earthy hues of avocado, mustard and brown were very popular throughout the decade, the colour schemes of 70’s interior style were anything but drab! The Seventies was a very colourful time; during the mid-century interior decor often involved a ‘splash’ of colour, by the 1970’s their was a definite colour explosion! No attempts were made to avoid clashes of colour, bold rainbows of patterns were combined to create wildly vibrant interiors. For a modern take on 70’s brightness, team colourful home accessories with white backdrops or stick to one bright colour to stop your room from becoming overpowering. Tangerine orange will always evoke a 70’s feel, and sits beautifully against the retro teak furniture of the era. Bold patterns are a must, too!

Photo Source: hgtv.com

The easiest way to add some bright retro vibes to your interior decor is with a statement furnishing, this colourful psychedelic cushion handmade by Retailer Leah Rose Designs is perfect! Upcycled from some original late Seventies curtain fabric, this barkcloth cushion cover has been lovingly hand sewn. Pinks and oranges are a match made in heaven for recreating the retro look, and this funky pattern is iconic of Seventies style. Don’t worry if bright coloured backdrops aren’t for you, 70’s style can be achieved with a few colourful accessories like this! Remade Retailer Leah Rose has loads more cool cushions to choose from, all handmade from genuine vintage fabrics, just check out her online Remade store.

 Photo source: http://www.remadeinbritain.com/leah-rose-designs/

Remade Retailer Jitka Brimble also have some wonderful pieces of retro patterned pieces to give your home interiors a Seventies twist! From wall art to sideboards, you’re sure to find an upcycled homeware to suit your 1970’s style. We love this retro nest of Shreiber tables, which have been upcycled in an original 70’s flower power fabric!

  Photo source: http://www.remadeinbritain.com/retro-nest-of-tables.html

Seventies Seating

The Seventies was a time of furniture redesign, there was a move away from the geometric, rigid lines of the mid-century and rounded curves became more popular. Designers began experimenting with more ergonomic designs during the 70’s, from tulip to lounge chairs, the seating was an iconic feature of the era. Upholstered seating in autumn shades of browns and gold is typical of all living rooms during the 70’s. A key piece of Seventies style seating is the perfect way to add instant retro feel to your interior decor.

This egg style lounge chair is the perfect piece of retro furniture to kick start your Seventies style. Rescued from an Aunt’s house by Remade Retailer Stunning Seats, this funky armchair has been completely reupholstered in top quality grey Camira wool to give it a new lease of life. Contrasting mustard coloured buttons add a fab pop of colour. Cool and comfortable, this egg-shaped lounge chair would look great in any retro themed living space. Modern, metallic legged furniture was also the height of fashion at the beginning of the decade, so with striking metal legs, this chair is bang on trend!

Scandinavian Teak

It was during the mid-century that Scandinavian teak furniture became so sort after, but the nations love affair with teak showed no signs of dwindling in the Seventies. Teak and pine furniture, along with terracotta colour schemes and indoor foliage, were just one of the ways to add a back-to-nature feel in the home. Scandinavian wooden furniture still looks classic today and makes a great investment. Salvaging an original piece of teak furniture from the 1970’s is the best way to make a Seventies statement in your home!

 Photo Source: knoxnews.com

Free standing wall units were all the range in the Seventies, as they provided the perfect place to house all those vinyl records. This teak G-Plan wall unit, rescued and restored by Remade Retailer UNIQ Furniture, will transport you right back to the 70’s! Complete with a built in drinks cabinet including a glass shelf and inside lighting, this vintage sideboard also gives you the perfect excuse to start collecting some funky retro barware! Retailer UNIQ Furniture has a wide range of preloved, recycled and refurbished retro furniture on offer, just visit their online Remade store.

 We hope we’ve inspired you to create a sleek Seventies style pad! For tonnes more vintage interior inspiration, and plenty of ideas for upcycling your own preloved vintage treasures into retro works of art, remember to join #RemadeHour 8-9pm on Wednesday!


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