From Scrap Heap to Super Chic: Remade in Britain Launch a Salvage Hub

Remade in Britain, Enigma Motorsport & Max McMurdo launch Remade Salvage

Remade in Britain are already establishing themselves as the UK’s largest upcycling and vintage marketplace. To build on this, the company are expanding into salvage so that upcyclers can sell their surplus and purchase what is needed for their next upcycling project. What’s more is, Remade in Britain are inviting a host of salage retailers to join the marketplace and list their products for free direct to their target audience.

To mark this occasion, we enlisted the help of retailer and TV personality, Max McMurdo and salvage retailer and F3 team, Enigma Motorsport. You can click on the following links to find out more about Max’s Reestore company and Enigma’s Salvage store or alternatively read their interviews here.

Remade in Britain launch SalvageTV Upcycler, Max McMurdo poses alongside Enigma’s F3 car, Enigma’s salvage and some of his upcycled creations



Max McMurdo launches Remade in Britain SalvageMax McMurdo and Tom from Enigma Motorsport removing old, unwanted tyres ready for upcycling

Remade in Britain, the UK’s first dedicated upcycling marketplace has enlisted professional race team Enigma Motorsports to help launch the UK’s first salvage service designed to enable items of scrap and unwanted items including motor parts and furniture to be marketed to the UK’s growing network of upcycling retailers.

Remade in Britain, started last year by Yorkshire businesswoman Donna Fenn, is launching its Salvage Service on its website on 1st July with the aim of uniting the UK’s rapidly expanding network of upcyclers with a central hub of salvaged products for the first time. Remade has already signed up several salvage retailers including Formula Three Cup motorsport team, Enigma Motorsport, which has listed used motorsports parts as items for upcyclers to purchase including brake discs and piston lamps.

The use of car parts and accessories within upcycled products has already emerged as a strong trend amongst retailers on the Remade in Britain website, with products ranging from tables made from V8 engines to wallets made from tyre tubing. Other popular salvage items include vintage fabric, reclaimed wood and unwanted furniture.

Upcycled Motorsport Wheel Table    Brake Disc Lamp

Left to right; Glass Topped F1 Wheel Coffee Table, Brake Disc Lamp by Reestore

V8 Engine Coffee Table

 Renewed V8 Engine Glass Topped Coffee Table by Reestore

Visitors to Remade in Britain can list their unwanted items on the site too, giving retailers from the site or the general public the opportunity to buy the items to upcycle into their own products or add to a project they’re currently working on.

The rapidly expanding trend of upcycling has been championed by celebrities including Kirstie Allsopp, Kevin McCloud and Livia Firth, and alongside the UK, countries including the US, Germany and Sweden have seen a huge surge in demand for upcycled products. The popularity of repurposed and vintage items is particularly clear on online artist marketplaces like US-based Etsy and Artfire where products tagged with ‘upcycled’ rocketed from 7,900 in 2010 to 216,024 in 2014.

Upcycle a room in a skip; Remade in Britain launch stunt

Donna Fenn, founder of Remade in Britain, said: “The Remade in Britain Salvage service provides an opportunity for people to get rid of their unwanted items and help prevent some of the 280m tonnes of waste produced each year in the UK from going to landfill by offering products a new lease of life. We hope Remade in Britain will be the first port of call for upcyclers looking for their next project or for inspiration to take on a product and turn it into something new.

“We’re delighted to have Enigma Motorsport on board to provide motoring items – with such a variety of retailers making and selling different products based around unwanted motoring parts, we’re bound to see these unloved brake discs and bearings turned into something completely unique!”

Max McMurdo and Enigma Motorsport launch Remade in Britain's Salvage SectionMax McMurdo and Tom Farquhar discuss the pairing between salvage and upcycling

Tom Farquhar, Managing Director at Enigma Motorsport, said: “All of us at Enigma Motorsport are concerned about lowering our environmental impact and becoming more environmentally friendly. Being able to offer our unwanted items on Remade in Britain is a great opportunity to not only generate less waste but also give what is often high-quality equipment a new lease of life.

“We understand the importance of being able to buy equipment from a reputable organisation and we look forward to seeing the amazing things Remade’s upcycling retailers will be able to produce from our old parts!”

Celebrity upcycler Max McMurdo, who is creating products from Enigma’s items to sell exclusively on Remade in Britain, said: “We upcyclers are always looking for new places to find items to use in our creations. The Salvage service will be a one-stop shop for upcyclers looking for inspiration and uniting us with people who no longer have use for their products. As someone who uses motor parts in their work, I can’t wait to see what Enigma will bring to the site.”

Max McMurdo and Enigma Mtorsport launch Remade in Britain's new salvage sectionTV Upcycler, Max McMurdo rummaging through Enigma Motorsport’s various scrap

Simon Gnana-Pragasam, Motorsport Events Coordinator at MotorSport Vision, said: “As someone who has seen the Enigma Motorsport team in action, it’s exciting to think of the products Remade’s retailers will create from their used parts. Remade’s Salvage store looks set to be a treasure trove of exciting items for both motorsport fans and upcyclers alike.”

Remade in Britain provides a platform for retailers to sell upcycled products through their own online shop. The site is designed to be a hub for the upcycling community, offering a place to advertise courses, events, items available for salvage and upcycling supplies.  Find out more at

Max McMurdo, Tom Farquhar and Linton Stutely discuss F3 and UpcyclingMax McMurdo discusses F3 and upcycling with Tom Farquhar and Linton Stutely of Enigma Motorsport

Watch the interviews with Remade in Britain Founder, Donna Fenn, TV Upcycler, Max McMurdo and Enigma Motorsport Director, Tom Farquhar below:

For further information, images or to set up an interview with Remade in Britain founder, Donna Fenn, please contact Rebecca Jackson or Alex Whitaker on 0845 456 7251 or email /

Notes to Editors

  • Remade in Britain is a new online marketplace to showcase the best of British upcycling, giving consumers the opportunity to buy unique products and find out more about the world of upcycling.
  • Upcycling is the action of reusing discarded objects or materials in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

Other Accompanying Motorsport Related Products to Note

Items Made From Upcycled Motorsport Parts:

F1 Gear Ratio Clock   F1 Skid Block Keyring

Left to Right; Gear Ratio Clock, Skid Block Keyring by Memento Exclusives

F1 Brake Disc Clock

  Brake Disc Clock by Memento Exclusives, who specialise in upcycled F1 racing memorabilia

 Petrol Can Lamp    Bike Chain Ring Clock

Left to Right; Greg Drzymalski Design‘s Petrol Can Lamp and Velo Culture‘s Bike Chain Ring Clock 

Shock Absorber Lamp

 Greg Drzymalski Design‘s Shock Absorber Lamp


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