DIY Upcycle Furniture Demo Video by the Recover Team

See How the Recover Team Upcycle a Sideboard

Remade retailer and upcycling charity, The Recover Team have filmed themselves upcycling a sideboard using various techniques including sanding, painting and pattern work.

This 2 day upcycling project has been compacted into a handy video which is under 6 minutes long. It shows the full transformation of a salvaged sideboard into a stylish upcycled piece of furniture.

Watch the Upcycling Furniture Video below:

Upcycling Furniture: A Midcentury Sideboard

The full upcycling process begins with sanding throughout to remove the original wood varnish. Then paint is applied using a roller for a lovely textured effect. Rolling paint onto furniture is a great alternative to traditional painting techniques as it is quick and easy as the paint coverage is so good.

Then, members of The Recover Team have created stencils and decoration using various types of masking tape to create a lovely modern, simplistic floral pattern to the front of one of the sideboard drawers. They also modernised the original drawer handles by painting them black.

Here is a before photo of the midcentury wooden sideboard. As you can see it is a typical 1970’s retro sideboard in need of an upcycle or restoration:

Tired Salvaged Midcentury Modern Wooden Sideboard

An Upcycled Sideboard

Here is the finished result!

Upcyced Sideboard - Painted and sanded midcentury modern furniture

This photo was taken after the furniture had been upcycled. As you can see the end result of the upcycling project is this much improved sideboard. Stylish and practical, it is ready for use in a modern or retro style interior. Another quality piece of furniture saved from landfill! That’s what we like to see!

Upcycling Charity: The Recover Team

The restored sideboard is just one of many restoration projects that the Recover Team do each week. The motto of this not-for-profit social enterprise is ‘upcycling furniture & lives’ which is very fitting, as they teach volunteers valuable life and work skills.

A volunteer at The Recover Team learns how to restore and upcycle furniture and lots of other DIY skills. All the skills are transferable for getting into work but for some, it is just a great opportunity to help a good cause whilst meeting new people and making new friends.

Here are some examples of what the Recover Team do:

Painted Union Jack Flag Metallic Sideboard
Gold Leaf Union Jack Sideboard
Record and Decoupaged Magazine Round Dining Table
Decoupaged Dining Table
Coffee Sack Cushion

If you like their items or their cause, you can learn more about them or buy from them at

Remade TV: An Upcycling Youtube Channel

Remade TV is a new Youtube Channel by Remade in Britain which hopes to have interviews with upcyclers, upcycling demos, DIY Tutorials and instructional videos on selling with

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