Remade in Britain Judges Preloved Advent Competition


Remade in Britain is all set to judge the #PrelovedAdvent competition this coming December alongside our friends, Eco Create and The Purple Finch. Think you have what it takes to make the best thrifty Christmas decoration? Then read on…

Our Business Manager, Michelle (on twitter as @remadeinbrit) will be helping to choose the best thrifty Christmas decoration under a fiver and has been looking at what is already out there.

Upcycled Christmas Decorationpallet christmas decoration   




Preloved are asking creatives and thrifters amongst the upcycling community to create a Christmas decoration for under £5.00. So get those creative juices flowing and you could win the title and your very own vintage telephone table.

The Preloved Advent Competition is set to be an exciting event, so we definitely urge all our lovely Remade Retailers and upcycling friends to get involved! You need to get moving though as the closing date for the Preloved Advent Competition is 16th December.

We’ll be helping to announce the winner during a special twitter chat at 12pm on 18th December along with Preloved and the other judges. Come join in the twitter chat and ask us questions with the hashtag #PrelovedAdvent. We’d love to ee you there!

All entries should be emailed to Good luck everyone!


You an keep us and the other judges up to date with your entries and progress on twitter by using the hashtag #PrelovedAdvent or by tagging us direct @remadeinbrit and @preloved. We’d love to hear your ideas and see some sneak peeks, so tweet us during RemadeHour on Wednesday evenings between 8-9pm with the hashtag #RemadeHour.

Preloved Advent Competition


British Upcycling Event of the Year: The Festival of Thrift

Remade in Britain head to Darlington for the annual Festival of Thrift. Only the second year of this fantastic event and it attracts over 40,000 over the weekend! It seems Britain loves upcycling and a bargain or two. Here’s some of the highlights from the very impressive event which is held annually at Lingfield Point every September.

For us, the best part (apart from the Shed of the Year team and possibly ending up in the papers) was the absolute vintage bargains and the vintage kilo sales. Don’t be fooled, this event is hard to get round in a day!


Super cool and surprisingly comfy: Fantastic upcycled drum kit seats!


Very useful: Upcycled shirt hanging peg bags!


Cracking on with the shed: The Shed of the Year team makes their shed panels from upcycled plastic paint tins courtesy of Cuprinol.


Shed of the Year at the Festival of Thrift: Max McMurdo with the upcycled shed in progress

This was just before the local newspaper photographer papped us in the background as ‘guests’!


This company makes ovens for your garden! Anyone for pizza?!


Wonderful stall selling vintage cardigans and books by Mary Jane Baxter. We absolutely love their upcycled quilt style stall cover. So unique, original and fitting for the day and brand!

Buy Mary Jane Baxter’s hat and fascinators and vintage books on Amazon

That’s all from us regarding the Festival of Thrift. There was so much to see that we barely had time to take photos!

Get in touch if you attended the fair on twitter (@remadeinbrit) or facebook (/remadeinbrit) and let us know what your thoughts are about the possible move of the festival to down south somewhere?

SNEAK PEAK Behind the Scenes

Bough to Beauty products on Remade in Britain


The ‘behind the scenes’ creation of stores and listings has begun and our site is really starting to take shape. Check out these sneak peak photos of some of our products.

Bough to Beauty products on Remade in Britain
Bough to Beauty products on Remade in Britain

Bough to Beauty’s fantastic range of upcycled wood lazer cut jewellery can be seen here in the New category.

Green in Mind Product Page on Remade in Britain, the British upcycling marketplace
Green in Mind Product Page on Remade in Britain, the British upcycling marketplace

Green in Mind’s stunning Upcycled Drawer Unit can be seen her on it’s very own product page!

Incredibly excited that things are really progressing fast, we thought we’d introduce you to a few more stores that may be selling with us…

Ellie’s Treasures

Ellie’s Treasures creates beautiful bag charms from upcycled and scrap fabric and materials and embellish with the odd charm or two.

Upcycled embellished London themed bag charm

Pure Pallets

Pure Pallets make stunning furniture and homewares, all from upcycled pallets!

Upcycled 'Noel' pallet candles
Upcycled ‘Noel’ pallet candles

Vintage Visage

Vintage Visage are one of our ‘Shop Vintage’ and ‘Materials’ sellers which their fabulous selection of original vintage sewing patterns and treasured vintage finds.

Vintage Sewing Pattern

Rachelle Smith

Rachelle Smith is a paper artist who makes a wonderful selection of papercut and folded paper and book art from Yorkshire.

Paper cut family free framed art

Call of the Brave

Call of the Brave make various limited edition recycled, upcycled and eco-friendly t-shirts that are lovingly screen-printed by hand. Did we also mention that they are fair trade and truly ethical too?!

Call of the Brave T-Shirt Design

Birch and Hare

Birch and Hare are dedicated to painted furniture, modern upholstery as well as vintage / retro products. Look out for their selection of upcycled cutlery hooks!

Shabby Chic Painted Upholstered Stool

Miss Clementine

Miss Clementine makes unique and highly intricate vintage embroidery pictures and keepsakes. Among our favourites are the art within vintage upcycled tins like this nightscape.

Miss Clementine Embroidered Tin
Miss Clementine Embroidered Tin

So there we have another 7 talented crafters who are about to start their Remade stores. Like what you see? You know where to go once we launch: For the meantime keep up to date with our news and offers on Twitter @remadeinbrit or Facebook:

Who’s excited?! I know we are!

Thinking of joining the Remade community, then get in touch! Fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Our Visit to the Handmade Fair (with Kirsty Allsopp and Cath Kidston)

Kirsty Allsopp and Cath Kidston talk at the Handmade Fair

Hello from Yorkshire again,

We had a fantastic time at the Handmade Fair last weekend and are here to show you some of our favourite stalls, workshops and sights! Plus comments and photos from the Kirsty Allsopp and Cath Kidston talk.

First thing first, what a stunning venue Hampton Court Castle and Grounds is! Plus we had scorching sunny weather on Friday which only added to the great experience.

The Handmade Fair Entrance and Exit
The Handmade Fair Entrance and Exit

Near the start of our day, we had a lovely chat with Golden Hinde & Goldwork Embroidery and they showed us some of their work, the materials they stock and even how to do it. Incredibly impressed with this stall, I would highly recommend visiting their website:

Golden Hinde & Goldwork Embroidery
Golden Hinde & Goldwork Embroidery

Here is an example of pattern work. This is a random pattern that she was working on at the stall but she also makes fabulous scenes and characters. Her large framed geisha design was amazing.

Golden Hinde & Goldwork Embroidery
Golden Hinde & Goldwork Embroidery

After embroidery we split up and our manager headed to her first workshop. The ‘Upcycling: Modern Macrame Lampshade’ workshop was held by Out of the Dark who are a charitable social enterprise that are well known in upcycling circles for their wonderfully original upcycled furniture and occasional lighting.

Here is our manager’s before photo:

Upcycled Modern Macrame Lampshade
Upcycled Modern Macrame Lampshade

And below is what she managed to make in the hour workshop from just a lampshade base, some cable ties and some macrame cord. Our manager said the workshop was a good laugh and really got her thinking about the potential of this new ‘modern macrame’ style that Out of the Dark are piloting. She hopes to make a few for her workshop. If you’re interested in Out of the Dark (and you should be) check out

Upcycled Modern Macrame Lampshade
Upcycled Modern Macrame Lampshade

After the workshop we had a look and bought some fabulous crafting goodies from the stalls before heading to Jane Means Gift Wrapping workshop and talk. Jane is such a fabulous presenter and demonstrator. Her enthusiasm, clear easy instructions and wonderful examples would delight and inspire any crafty fan. Definitely added her book to my Christmas list and would recommend giving any workshop of hers a go! Find out more at

Here’s one of the bows we made in a 30 minute talk:

Jane Means gift wrapping Workshop at the Handmade Fair
Jane Means gift wrapping Workshop at the Handmade Fair

Carrying on with our networking, we met the fabulous Chachoulie who reworks a traditional and ethically sourced (from the only factory left) Palestinian light cotton called Kuffiyeh. Combining with Western element, she makes unique accessories for today’s market. Find out more at:

Chachoulie accessories at the Handmade Fair
Chachoulie accessories at the Handmade Fair

We also met the team behind Gemmeus who specialise in Medieval and historically inspired jewellery crafted using traditional silver and goldsmithing techniques.

Gemmeus upcycled tiara crown
Gemmeus upcycled tiara crown

We were particularly interested in her upcycled tiara crown project from transformer coil.

Gemmeus upcycled tiara crown
Gemmeus upcycled tiara crown

After more shopping it was time for probably the most exciting part of the day, the talk between Kirsty Allsopp and Cath Kidston who are apparently cousins! Really interesting, inspirational and down to earth talk. I agree with Kirsty, I hugely admire how successful Cath is without everyone knowing her face and it was great to hear about her upcycling furniture days back in her old shop. Upcycling before we all caught on.

Kirsty Allsopp and Cath Kidston talk at the Handmade Fair
Kirsty Allsopp and Cath Kidston talk at the Handmade Fair
Kirsty Allsopp and Cath Kidston talk at the Handmade Fair
Kirsty Allsopp and Cath Kidston talk at the Handmade Fair

Now for two of our absolute favourite upcycling finds at this year’s Handmade Fair. Our First were the stunning vintage books upcycled into fashionable unique handbags, iPad cases and more by My Stuff and Nonsense. Find out more at or follow them: @stuffandnonsense if you like what you see below:

My Stuff And Nonsense
My Stuff And Nonsense

And secondly, this fantastic upcycled radiator chair. Yes, RADIATOR chair by The Barefoot Welder which if you go onto twitter: @barefootwelder you can see Kirsty Allsopp sitting in! Find out more about this chair and the wonderful golf club pegs at


Lastly, what would be the Handmade Fair without a bit of World Pomination:

Total Pomination at the Handmade Fair
Total Pomination at the Handmade Fair

So we thoroughly enjoyed the show. What about you? Leave us your comments or get in touch to @remadeinbrit or fill in the contact form:

Bye for now 🙂