Back to School Crafts

Hello again,

As the kids are now back at school and a new term has started, we thought we’d inspire you with some fabulous upcycling ideas to do over the weekend for a great start to the term. Check below for some fabulous ideas for teachers too! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

1. Treat your desk!

Five easy and thrifty ideas for a neater desk this school year…


A phonebook star!






A toilet roll castle!


A keyboard cube!



A plastic bottle stand


Biscuit and chocolate tin organisation tower

2. Don’t lose important papers!

Four great upcycling ideas to keep your dodcuments, letters, homework, reports, assignments and more safe this term…


Upcycle a bird cage for a vintage shabby chic letter tray


Cereal box ‘make your own’ magazine and file holders


Melt and shape records for a funky retro letter organiser


Or fold pages in a book for a quirky look

3. ‘Chalk It Up’

Three ways to create dual purpose items! Organise your stationary and materials on items you can write reminders on!


Create a chalkboard to keep on top of your tasks fro an old photoframe, pictureframe or plank of wood. Chalkboard paint is readily available at DIY stores e.g. Homebase and B&Q. You can even get magnetic chalkboard paint!


Although these jars have been upcycled for herbs (food techology anyone?), there’s no reason you can’t do the same for your little crafty and stationary bits. Ideal for budding artists, fashion or textiles designers to store paint, sequins and more.

48b51ffe95b50da2bb2aa7e7c88db857Paint and accessorise a large jar, for this funky effect!

4. Lunch sorted!

Two ideas to keep your money and your food safe


2 plastic bottle ends and a zip creates handy and very sturdy money purses. These ones are decorated to look like apples, making them perfect for teachers and pupils.


Upcycled lunch bag / box made from recycled packaging. A favourite project of any textiles department

5. Gift Idea

and one gift idea to please teachers, students and friends


Fill with sweets and treats, these are made fro wrapped tin foil and paper

So we hope this gets you in the mood to attack this term. If not, Christmas will be here before you know it 😛

Happy weekend



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